Candidate Registration


تسجيل المرشحين

All candidates are invited to register and join their list in the area they are part of.


Biography – سيرة شخصية

Dear candidates, we welcome you to Lebanon Votes, as a “startup candidate” and wish you the best of luck for the 2018 Parliamentary elections. This section is available for you to post your full biography, family history and accomplishments for your voters to discover you. You can include images previous and current images about yourself or your family.


Your Projects – مشاريعك

Dear candidates, we are glad you have chosen the “Basic Package” for the 2018 Parliamentary elections, and wish you the best of luck during your campaign. We look forward to hearing all about your projects and are available to assist you in promoting them, for your voter to discover what you have been doing for our country.

  • Projects to grow Lebanon
  • Projects to enrich Lebanon

Below is the section for you to display your favorite project and the most important ones that need to be discovered promoted and talked about, to survive on the long run, for a better, more independent, more unified Lebanon.


Own Articles – مقالاتك

Dear Candidate, We thank you for choosing the “Advanced Package” and look forward to assisting you with your socio-political campaign. This section is for candidates or groups who are already digitally connected or who have multiple teams, already managing their digital campaigns. Below you can post all your published articles and related articles from around the Web that you would like to share with your readers, for them to vote for you.